A Sensational Start to the 2023 Season 🏁

James has kicked off the 2023 racing season in sensational style, achieving outstanding results 🥇

Starting off at the Skegness Easter Weekend, James delivered an impressive performance. On Day 1, he secured a phenomenal 2nd place finish and followed it up with a triumphant 1st place victory. But his success didn’t stop there! On Day 2, James left no room for doubt as he claimed 1st place in the Skegness Championship race, earning the title of Skegness Track Champion for 2023.

Moving on to the Northampton Weekend, James continued to dominate the track. He blazed through the competition, winning Heat 2 on Day 1 with absolute finesse.

The Bradford Weekend proved to be yet another triumph for James. On Day 1, he showcased his exceptional skills by clinching victory in Heat 3. Day 2 brought even more glory as James triumphantly seized the title of 2023 Modstox British Champion by winning Heat 3, which also happened to be the prestigious British Championship Race. This incredible achievement guarantees James a Superstar grade for the entire season and grants him the honor of sporting a Checkered roof.

James’s exceptional start to the season serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication, skill, and passion for racing.

Congrats James, we can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes!

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