Flap Discs

Our Flap discs are a premium quality zirconium grain out of the Abracs range, this allows for maximum performance on sanding down burr , blending metals and finishing off metals. These disc are incredibly strong , durable and have a long life span. The flaps disc can be used on materials such as stainless steel , sheet metal , mild steel and high grade steel.

Advantages of using Flap discs are;

  • Strong and Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Multi uses.
SKU: DISCFLAP100Disc Diameter (mm): 100Grit: 60Bore: 16
SKU: DISCFLAP11540Disc Diameter (mm): 115Grit: 40Bore: 22
SKU: DISCFLAP11560Disc Diameter (mm): 115Grit: 60Bore: 22
SKU: DISCFLAP11580Disc Diameter (mm): 115Grit: 80Bore: 22
SKU: DISCFLAP115120Disc Diameter (mm): 115Grit: 120Bore: 22
SKU: DISCFLAP12560Disc Diameter (mm): 125Grit: 60Bore: 22
SKU: DISCFLAP18060Disc Diameter (mm): 180Grit: 60Bore: 22
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