Zircronium Fibre Disc

We stock the finest range of zirconium fibre discs from the Abracs range, they have a unique resin that holds the grit to the pad which keeps the strength and durability at its highest grade. These fibre discs can be used on multiple materials such as stainless steel, sheet metal , mild steel and high grade steel.

Advantages of using the zirconium fibre discs;

Cost effective.

Multiple uses.

Plenty of Variations.


SKU: LINISHING4024Diameter (mm): 100Bore (mm): 16Grit: 24
SKU: LINISHING4036Diameter (mm): 100Bore (mm): 16Grit: 36
SKU: LINISHING4060Diameter (mm): 100Bore (mm): 16Grit: 60
SKU: LINISHING4080Diameter (mm): 100Bore (mm): 16Grit: 80
SKU: LINISHING41224Diameter (mm): 115Bore (mm): 22Grit: 24
SKU: LINISHING41236Diameter (mm): 115Bore (mm): 22Grit: 36
SKU: LINISHING41260Diameter (mm): 115Bore (mm): 22Grit: 60
SKU: LINISHING41280Diameter (mm): 115Bore (mm): 22Grit: 80
SKU: LINISHING412100Diameter (mm): 115Bore (mm): 22Grit: 100
SKU: LINISHING412120Diameter (mm): 115Bore (mm): 22Grit: 120
SKU: LINISHING12536Diameter (mm): 125Bore (mm): 22Grit: 36
SKU: LINISHING12560Diameter (mm): 125Bore (mm): 22Grit: 60
SKU: LINISHING12580Diameter (mm): 125Bore (mm): 22Grit: 80
SKU: LINISHING17824Diameter (mm): 178Bore (mm): 22Grit: 24
SKU: LINISHING17860Diameter (mm): 178Bore (mm): 22Grit: 60
SKU: LINISHING17836Diameter (mm): 178Bore (mm): 22Grit: 36
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