Dropping Anchors

A Drop in Anchor is an internal thread anchor designed to be inserted into concrete for anchoring down material. You Simply drill a hole insert the anchor into the hole, then using the setting tool you bang the pip at the back of the anchor then expands into the concrete.

Advantages of using Drop in Anchors ;

  • Can be used in multiple applications.
  • Strong and Durable.
  • Quick Installation.
SKU: DBM06Thread: M6Hole Size: 8Anchor length: 25
SKU: DBM08Thread: M8Hole Size: 10Anchor length: 30
SKU: DBM10Thread: M10Hole Size: 12Anchor length: 40
SKU: DBM12Thread: M12Hole Size: 15Anchor length: 50
SKU: DBM16Thread: M16Hole Size: 20Anchor length: 65
SKU: DBM20Thread: M20Hole Size: 25Anchor length: 80
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