Hexagon Nut Sleeve Anchor

This is a loose nut sleeve anchor they are commonly used for concrete, brick and stone work. Once in the material and torqued up the sleeve starts to collapse in the job allowing it to firmly grip the material for a more permanent fixture.

SKU: SLN08040Hole Size: 8Anchor Length: 40
SKU: SLN08065Hole Size: 8Anchor Length: 65
SKU: SLN10045Hole Size: 10Anchor Length: 45
SKU: SLN10075Hole Size: 10Anchor Length: 70
SKU: SLN10100Hole Size: 10Anchor Length: 95
SKU: SLN10125Hole Size: 10Anchor Length: 120
SKU: SLN12060Hole Size: 12Anchor Length: 60
SKU: SLN12075Hole Size: 12Anchor Length: 70
SKU: SLN12100Hole Size: 12Anchor Length: 95
SKU: SLN12125Hole Size: 12Anchor Length: 120
SKU: SLN16065Hole Size: 16Anchor Length: 65
SKU: SLN16110Hole Size: 16Anchor Length: 105
SKU: SLN16150Hole Size: 16Anchor Length: 150
SKU: SLN20080Hole Size: 20Anchor Length: 75
SKU: SLN20110Hole Size: 20Anchor Length: 100
SKU: SLN20150Hole Size: 20Anchor Length: 140
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