Loose Bolts

Loose bolt anchors are a three way anchor bolt designed for brick and concrete. Once tightening the thread pulls the nut through the shield allowing it to spread in the brick or concrete. These anchor bolts are specifically good for use when hole sizes have been over drilled by powerful drills or drill bits in weak material such as bricks.

Advantages of Loose Bolts are;

  • Can be used in cracked concrete as well as solid concrete.
  • Provides maximum load being a three piece anchor bolt.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Can carry loads straight away.


SKU: ALB0610Thread: M6Hole Size: 12Length: 55
SKU: ALB0625Thread: M6Hole Size: 12Length: 70
SKU: ALB0640Thread: M6Hole Size: 12Length: 85
SKU: ALB0810Thread: M8Hole Size: 14Length: 60
SKU: ALB0825Thread: M8Hole Size: 14Length: 75
SKU: ALB0840Thread: M8Hole Size: 14Length: 90
SKU: ALB1010Thread: M10Hole Size: 16Length: 70
SKU: ALB1025Thread: M10Hole Size: 16Length: 85
SKU: ALB1050Thread: M10Hole Size: 16Length: 110
SKU: ALB1075Thread: M10Hole Size: 16Length: 135
SKU: ALB1210Thread: M12Hole Size: 20Length: 85
SKU: ALB1225Thread: M12Hole Size: 20Length: 100
SKU: ALB1240Thread: M12Hole Size: 20Length: 110
SKU: ALB1260Thread: M12Hole Size: 20Length: 135
SKU: ALB1615Thread: M16Hole Size: 25Length: 135
SKU: ALB1630Thread: M16Hole Size: 25Length: 150
SKU: ALB1660Thread: M16Hole Size: 25Length: 180
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