Pozi Pan Machine Screw

A Pozi Pan machine screw is a screw with a machined thread typically used for tapped holes , or often used with a type of nut fastening.

Machine screws come in lots of different variations typically blunt headed and different head types.

You would typically see these fasteners in furniture and toys.



SKU: MACHPPM03005Thickness (mm): M3Length: 5
SKU: MACHPPM03006Thickness (mm): M3Length: 6
SKU: MACHPPM03008Thickness (mm): M3Length: 8
SKU: MACHPPM03010Thickness (mm): M3Length: 10
SKU: MACHPPM03012Thickness (mm): M3Length: 12
SKU: MACHPPM03016Thickness (mm): M3Length: 16
SKU: MACHPPM03020Thickness (mm): M3Length: 20
SKU: MACHPPM03025Thickness (mm): M3Length: 25
SKU: MACHPPM35006Thickness (mm): M3.5Length: 6
SKU: MACHPPM35008Thickness (mm): M3.5Length: 8
SKU: MACHPPM35010Thickness (mm): M3.5Length: 10
SKU: MACHPPM35012Thickness (mm): M3.5Length: 12
SKU: MACHPPM35016Thickness (mm): M3.5Length: 16
SKU: MACHPPM35020Thickness (mm): M3.5Length: 20
SKU: MACHPPM04006Thickness (mm): M4Length: 6
SKU: MACHPPM04008Thickness (mm): M4Length: 8
SKU: MACHPPM04010Thickness (mm): M4Length: 10
SKU: MACHPPM04012Thickness (mm): M4Length: 12
SKU: MACHPPM04016Thickness (mm): M4Length: 16
SKU: MACHPPM04020Thickness (mm): M4Length: 20
SKU: MACHPPM04025Thickness (mm): M4Length: 25
SKU: MACHPPM04030Thickness (mm): M4Length: 30
SKU: MACHPPM04035Thickness (mm): M4Length: 35
SKU: MACHPPM04040Thickness (mm): M4Length: 40
SKU: MACHPPM04045Thickness (mm): M4Length: 45
SKU: MACHPPM04050Thickness (mm): M4Length: 50
SKU: MACHPPM04055Thickness (mm): M4Length: 55
SKU: MACHPPM04060Thickness (mm): M4Length: 60
SKU: MACHPPM04070Thickness (mm): M4Length: 70
SKU: MACHPPM05006Thickness (mm): M5Length: 6
SKU: MACHPPM05008Thickness (mm): M5Length: 8
SKU: MACHPPM05010Thickness (mm): M5Length: 10
SKU: MACHPPM05012Thickness (mm): M5Length: 12
SKU: MACHPPM05016Thickness (mm): M5Length: 16
SKU: MACHPPM05020Thickness (mm): M5Length: 20
SKU: MACHPPM05025Thickness (mm): M5Length: 25
SKU: MACHPPM05030Thickness (mm): M5Length: 30
SKU: MACHPPM05035Thickness (mm): M5Length: 35
SKU: MACHPPM05040Thickness (mm): M5Length: 40
SKU: MACHPPM05045Thickness (mm): M5Length: 45
SKU: MACHPPM05050Thickness (mm): M5Length: 50
SKU: MACHPPM05055Thickness (mm): M5Length: 55
SKU: MACHPPM05060Thickness (mm): M5Length: 60
SKU: MACHPPM05070Thickness (mm): M5Length: 70
SKU: MACHPPM05075Thickness (mm): M5Length: 75
SKU: MACHPPM05080Thickness (mm): M5Length: 80
SKU: MACHPPM05090Thickness (mm): M5Length: 90
SKU: MACHPPM05100Thickness (mm): M5Length: 100
SKU: MACHPPM06008Thickness (mm): M6Length: 8
SKU: MACHPPM06010Thickness (mm): M6Length: 10
SKU: MACHPPM06012Thickness (mm): M6Length: 12
SKU: MACHPPM06016Thickness (mm): M6Length: 16
SKU: MACHPPM06020Thickness (mm): M6Length: 20
SKU: MACHPPM06025Thickness (mm): M6Length: 25
SKU: MACHPPM06030Thickness (mm): M6Length: 30
SKU: MACHPPM06035Thickness (mm): M6Length: 35
SKU: MACHPPM06040Thickness (mm): M6Length: 40
SKU: MACHPPM06045Thickness (mm): M6Length: 45
SKU: MACHPPM06050Thickness (mm): M6Length: 50
SKU: MACHPPM06055Thickness (mm): M6Length: 55
SKU: MACHPPM06060Thickness (mm): M6Length: 60
SKU: MACHPPM06070Thickness (mm): M6Length: 70
SKU: MACHPPM06075Thickness (mm): M6Length: 75
SKU: MACHPPM06080Thickness (mm): M6Length: 80
SKU: MACHPPM06090Thickness (mm): M6Length: 90
SKU: MACHPPM06100Thickness (mm): M6Length: 100
SKU: MACHPPM08010Thickness (mm): M8Length: 10
SKU: MACHPPM08012Thickness (mm): M8Length: 12
SKU: MACHPPM08016Thickness (mm): M8Length: 16
SKU: MACHPPM08020Thickness (mm): M8Length: 20
SKU: MACHPPM08025Thickness (mm): M8Length: 25
SKU: MACHPPM08030Thickness (mm): M8Length: 30
SKU: MACHPPM08035Thickness (mm): M8Length: 35
SKU: MACHPPM08040Thickness (mm): M8Length: 40
SKU: MACHPPM08045Thickness (mm): M8Length: 45
SKU: MACHPPM08050Thickness (mm): M8Length: 50
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