Aerotight Nuts

A Aero tight nut is a self locking anti vibration nut, they are similar to a nyloc nut but all metal. These are good when using the nut in anything with heat as they are rated up to 300 degrees, this has the advantage over a nyloc because the nylon would metal on any heat related materials. They come in many different varieties from m4-m20 and in bzp or stainless steel finishes.

SKU: NAEROM04Thread: M4Pitch: 0.7Across Flats: 7
SKU: NAEROM05Thread: M5Pitch: 0.8Across Flats: 8
SKU: NAEROM06Thread: M6Pitch: 1.0Across Flats: 10
SKU: NAEROM08Thread: M8Pitch: 1.25Across Flats: 13
SKU: NAEROM10Thread: M10Pitch: 1.5Across Flats: 17
SKU: NAEROM12Thread: M12Pitch: 1.75Across Flats: 19
SKU: NAEROM16Thread: M16Pitch: 2.0Across Flats: 24
SKU: NAEROM20Thread: M20Pitch: 2.5Across Flats: 30
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