Binx Nuts

A binx nut is a nut that is a self locking nut. These are a all metal locking nut which allows the nut to be used on items of heat. The nuts are often referred as prevailing torque nuts or stiff nuts, they are available from m4 – m20 in bzp or stainless steel depends of preference of the job.

SKU: NBINXM04Thread: M4Pitch: 0.7Across Flats: 7
SKU: NBINXM05Thread: M5Pitch: 0.8Across Flats: 8
SKU: NBINXM06Thread: M6Pitch: 1.0Across Flats: 10
SKU: NBINXM08Thread: M8Pitch: 1.25Across Flats: 13
SKU: NBINXM10Thread: M10Pitch: 1.5Across Flats: 17
SKU: NBINXM12Thread: M12Pitch: 1.75Across Flats: 19
SKU: NBINXM16Thread: M16Pitch: 2.0Across Flats: 24
SKU: NBINXM20Thread: M20Pitch: 2.5Across Flats: 30
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