Peeled Aluminium / Steel

Peeled rivets are a dividing rivet which spreads into four pieces as a locking mechanism. These are used for plastics or even soft  materials that have a low pressure resistance. They mandrel is steel and once pulled with a riveter , the aluminium body peels like a banana and the steel mandrel breaks away.

Advantages of using peeled rivets;

  • Spreads load over a wider area.
  • Can be used on plastic or soft materials.
  • Allows use for oversized holes.
SKU: PAD3208Diameter: 3.2Length (mm): 8Hole Size (mm): 3.4
Grip (mm): 3.5
SKU: PAD32010Diameter: 3.2Length (mm): 10Hole Size (mm): 3.4
Grip (mm): 5.0
SKU: PAD32012Diameter: 3.2Length (mm): 12Hole Size (mm): 3.4
Grip (mm): 7.0
SKU: PAD32014Diameter: 3.2Length (mm): 14Hole Size (mm): 3.4
Grip (mm): 9.0
SKU: PAD32016Diameter: 3.2Length (mm): 16Hole Size (mm): 3.4
Grip (mm): 11.0
SKU: PAD32018Diameter: 3.2Length (mm): 18Hole Size (mm): 3.4
Grip (mm): 13.0
SKU: PAD4008Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 8Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 4.0
SKU: PAD4010Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 10Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 6.0
SKU: PAD40012Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 12Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 8.0
SKU: Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 14Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 10.0
SKU: Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 16Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 12.0
SKU: PAD40018Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 18Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 14.0
SKU: OAD40021Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 21Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 16.0
SKU: OAD40024Diameter: 4.0Length (mm): 24Hole Size (mm): 4.2
Grip (mm): 21.0
SKU: PAD48010Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 10Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 5.0
SKU: PAD48012Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 12Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 7.0
SKU: PAD48014Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 14Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 9.0
SKU: PAD48016Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 16Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 11.0
SKU: PAD48018Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 18Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 13.0
SKU: PAD48021Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 21Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 16.0
SKU: PAD48024Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 24Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 19.0
SKU: PAD48027Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 27Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 22.0
SKU: PAD48030Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 30Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 25.0
SKU: PAD48035Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 35Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 30.0
SKU: PAD48040Diameter: 4.8Length (mm): 40Hole Size (mm): 5.0
Grip (mm): 32.0
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