Thin Sheet Reduced Part Hexagon Rivnut

The Reduced Part hex Rivnut is used in laser cut or pressed hexagon holes , these are designed as a internal thread for blind holes so a bolt or machine screw can be inserted. Once cut a hole and inserted into the job you will need to use a rivnut tool to crimp and create a bulge behind the material, this will allow the rivnut to grip tight into the job so the bolt can be secured.

Advantages of using a rivnut;

Can be used in blind holes.


Saves Tapping and Drilling holes for threads.

SKU: M4RPXO-SThread: M4Grip (mm): 0.5-2.5Across Flats: 6.4
Overall Length: 10.5
SKU: M5RPXO-SThread: M5Grip (mm): 0.5-3.0Across Flats: 7.2
Overall Length: 12.0
SKU: M6RPXO-SThread: M6Grip (mm): 0.7-3.0Across Flats: 9.6
Overall Length: 14.5
SKU: M8RPXO-SThread: M8Grip (mm): 0.8-3.0Across Flats: 10.6
Overall Length: 16.5
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