CD Weld Studs

CD Weld Studs are commonly used for sheet metal, used by a cd weld machine to weld to a panel. They come in steel (copper flashed), stainless steel and even aluminium. Most commonly seen on the back of badges and car emblems so they can be fastened to the panel.

SKU: CDWELDM03006Thread: M3Length: 6
SKU: CDWELDM03008Thread: M3Length: 8
SKU: CDWELDM03010Thread: M3Length: 10
SKU: CDWELDM03012Thread: M3Length: 12
SKU: CDWELDM03016Thread: M3Length: 16
SKU: CDWELDM03020Thread: M3Length: 20
SKU: CDWELDM03025Thread: M3Length: 25
SKU: CDWELSM04006Thread: M4Length: 6
SKU: CDWELDM04008Thread: M4Length: 8
SKU: CDWELDM04010Thread: M4Length: 10
SKU: CDWELDM04012Thread: M4Length: 12
SKU: CDWELDM04016Thread: M4Length: 16
SKU: CDWELDM04020Thread: M4Length: 20
SKU: CDWELDM04025Thread: M4Length: 25
SKU: CDWELDM05008Thread: M5Length: 8
SKU: CDWELDM04030Thread: M4Length: 30
SKU: CDWELDM05010Thread: M5Length: 10
SKU: CDWELDM05012Thread: M5Length: 12
SKU: CDWELDM05016Thread: M5Length: 16
SKU: CDWELDM05020Thread: M5Length: 20
SKU: CDWELDM05025Thread: M5Length: 25
SKU: CDWELDM05030Thread: M5Length: 30
SKU: CDWELDM05035Thread: M5Length: 35
SKU: CDWELDM05040Thread: M5Length: 40
SKU: CDWLDM06010Thread: M6Length: 10
SKU: CDWELDM06012Thread: M6Length: 12
SKU: CDWELDM06016Thread: M6Length: 16
SKU: CDWELDM06020Thread: M6Length: 20
SKU: CDWELDM06025Thread: M6Length: 25
SKU: CDWELDM06030Thread: M6Length: 30
SKU: CDWELDM06035Thread: M6Length: 35
SKU: CDWELDM06040Thread: M6Length: 40
SKU: CDWELDM08016Thread: M8Length: 16
SKU: CDWELDM08020Thread: M8Length: 20
SKU: CDWELDM08025Thread: M8Length: 25
SKU: CDWELDM08030Thread: M8Length: 30
SKU: CDWELDM08035Thread: M8Length: 35
SKU: CDWELDM08040Thread: M8Length: 40
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