A Speed screw is a screw with a sharp point on the tip usually used to join 2 pieces of wood together.

When short they are usually fully threaded and as they grow they get a non threaded portion.

Speed screws are often used in timber or decking as they are more course and drive in faster.

These woodscrews are used in different industries such as;

  • Building
  • Carpentry
  • Maintenance.
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35012Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 12
SKU: SPEEDSCREW30030Thickness (mm): 3.0Length (mm): 30
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35016Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 16
SKU: SPEEDSCREW30025Thickness (mm): 3.0Length (mm): 25
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35020Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 20
SKU: SPEEDSCREW30020Thickness (mm): 3.0Length (mm): 20
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35025Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 25
SKU: SPEEDSCREW30016Thickness (mm): 3.0Length (mm): 16
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35030Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 30
SKU: SPEEDSCREW30012Thickness (mm): 3.0Length (mm): 12
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35035Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 35
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35040Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 40
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35045Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 45
SKU: SPEEDSCREW35050Thickness (mm): 3.5Length (mm): 50
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40012Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 12
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40016Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 16
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40020Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 20
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40025Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 25
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40030Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 30
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40035Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 35
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40040Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 40
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40045Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 45
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40050Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 50
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40055Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 55
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40060Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 60
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40070Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 70
SKU: SPEEDSCREW40080Thickness (mm): 4.0Length (mm): 80
SKU: SPEEDSCREW45016Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 16
SKU: SPEEDSCREW45020Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 20
SKU: SPEEDSCREW45025Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 25
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450030Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 30
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450035Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 35
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450040Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 40
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450045Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 45
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450050Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 50
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450055Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 55
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450060Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 60
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450070Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 70
SKU: SPEEDSCREW450080Thickness (mm): 4.5Length (mm): 80
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50020Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 20
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50025Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 25
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50030Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 30
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50035Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 35
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50040Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 40
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50045Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 45
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50050Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 50
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50055Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 55
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50060Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 60
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50070Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 70
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50080Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 80
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50090Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 90
SKU: SPEEDSCREW50100Thickness (mm): 5.0Length (mm): 100
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60040Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 40
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60050Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 50
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60060Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 60
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60070Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 70
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60080Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 80
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60090Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 90
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60100Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 100
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60110Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 110
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60120Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 120
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60130Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 130
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60140Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 140
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60150Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 150
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60180Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 180
SKU: SPEEDSCREW60200Thickness (mm): 6.0Length (mm): 200
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