Abracs Ultra Thin Cutting Discs

Abracs Phoenix Ultra Thin II discs provides the ultimate performance , long life and outstanding value for the price of each disc. These discs have one of the best cost per cut ratio on the market. Extremely Reliable and durable discs for fine cutting and intricate work.

Suitable for;

  • Stainless Steel
  • Sheet Metal
  • Mild Steel
  • High grade steel.
SKU: DISCULTRA0075Disc diameter (mm): 75Thickness (mm): 1.6Bore (mm): 10
SKU: DISCULTRA0100Disc diameter (mm): 100Thickness (mm): 1.0Bore (mm): 16
SKU: DISCULTAR0115Disc diameter (mm): 115Thickness (mm): 1.0Bore (mm): 22
SKU: DISCULTRA0125Disc diameter (mm): 125Thickness (mm): 1.0Bore (mm): 22
SKU: DISCULTRA0178Disc diameter (mm): 178Thickness (mm): 1.0Bore (mm): 22
SKU: DISCULTRA0230Disc diameter (mm): 230Thickness (mm): 1.8Bore (mm): 22
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