Wing Nuts

A Wing nut is a simple and fast way to fasten to a bolt as a quick release mechanism. Wing nuts can be called butterfly nuts as the wings on each side so it can be tightened or loosened.

SKU: NWINGM03Thread: M3Pitch: 0.5Wing Span: 18.5
SKU: NWINGM04Thread: M4Pitch: 0.7Wing Span: 18.5
SKU: NWINGM05Thread: M5Pitch: 0.8Wing Span: 22.0
SKU: NWINGM06Thread: M6Pitch: 1.0Wing Span: 26.8
SKU: NWINGM08Thread: M8Pitch: 1.25Wing Span: 30.3
SKU: NWINGM10Thread: M10Pitch: 1.5Wing Span: 35.3
SKU: NWINGM12Thread: M12Pitch: 1.75Wing Span: 47.5
SKU: NWINGM16Thread: M16Pitch: 2.0Wing Span: 65
SKU: NWINGM20Thread: M20Pitch: 2.5Wing Span: 66.5
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