Flange Nuts

A Flange Nut is a full nut with a built in washer usually serrated. The serrations can be used to lock against materials once tightened up. Flange nuts are available from m4-m20 and in different finished such as bzp and stainless steel.

SKU: NFLM04Thread: M4Pitch: 0.7Flange size: 9.8
SKU: NFLM05Thread: M5Pitch: 0.8Flange size: 11.8
SKU: NFLM06Thread: M6Pitch: 1.0Flange size: 14.2
SKU: NFLM08Thread: M8Pitch: 1.25Flange size: 17.9
SKU: NFLM10Thread: M10Pitch: 1.5Flange size: 21.8
SKU: NFLM12Thread: M12Pitch: 1.75Flange size: 26.0
SKU: NFLM16Thread: M16Pitch: 2.0Flange size: 34.5
SKU: NFLM20Thread: M20Pitch: 2.5Flange size: 42.8
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