Repair Washer

A Repair washer is a normal washer with the outside diameter wider, these washers are to provide a large circumference by spreading the weight evenly. Repair washers are also referred as mudguard washers and penny washers. They are available in varieties such as bzp , self colour and stainless steel suitable for all jobs.

SKU: WSHM05020Size: M5O/D: 20Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM05025Size: M5O/D: 25Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM05030Size: M5O/D: 30Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM06020Size: M6O/D: 20Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM06025Size: M6O/D: 25Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM06030Size: M6O/D: 30Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM06040Size: M6O/D: 40Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM06050Size: M6O/D: 50Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM08025Size: M8O/D: 25Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM08030Size: M8O/D: 30Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM08040Size: M8O/D: 40Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM08050Size: M8O/D: 50Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM10025Size: M10O/D: 25Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM10030Size: M10O/D: 30Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM10040Size: M10O/D: 40Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM10050Size: M10O/D: 50Thickness: 1.5
SKU: WSHM12383Size: M12O/D: 40Thickness: 3.0
SKU: WSHM12503Size: M12O/D: 50Thickness: 3.0
SKU: WSHM16383Size: M16O/D: 40Thickness: 3.0
SKU: WSHM16503Size: M16O/D: 50Thickness: 3.0
SKU: WSHM20503Size: M20O/D: 50Thickness: 3.0
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