Hexagon Full Nuts

A Hexagon Full nut is the most common nuts of all the varieties. These are used for many different things from steel erection to automotive from models to aerospace. Most commonly known as “full nut”,they are available from a very wide range of sizes and finishes. M2.5 – M39 in bzp , self colour and even stainless steel , they differ in variations depending on the job that they are being used.

SKU: NFM2.5Thread: M2.5Pitch: 0.45Across Flats: 5
SKU: NFM03Thread: M3Pitch: 0.5Across Flats: 5.5
SKU: NFM04Thread: M4Pitch: 0.7Across Flats: 7
SKU: NFM05Thread: M5Pitch: 0.8Across Flats: 8
SKU: NFM06Thread: M6Pitch: 1.0Across Flats: 10
SKU: NFM07Thread: M7Pitch: 1.0Across Flats: 11
SKU: NFM08Thread: M8Pitch: 1.25Across Flats: 13
SKU: NFM10Thread: M10Pitch: 1.5Across Flats: 17
SKU: NFM12Thread: M12Pitch: 1.75Across Flats: 19
SKU: NFM14Thread: M14Pitch: 2.0Across Flats: 22
SKU: NFM16Thread: M16Pitch: 2.0Across Flats: 24
SKU: NFM18Thread: M18Pitch: 2.5Across Flats: 27
SKU: NFM20Thread: M20Pitch: 2.5Across Flats: 30
SKU: NFM22Thread: M22Pitch: 2.5Across Flats: 32
SKU: NFM24Thread: M24Pitch: 3.0Across Flats: 36
SKU: NFM27Thread: M27Pitch: 3.0Across Flats: 41
SKU: NFM30Thread: M30Pitch: 3.5Across Flats: 46
SKU: NFM33Thread: M33Pitch: 3.5Across Flats: 50
SKU: NFM36Thread: M36Pitch: 4.0Across Flats: 55
SKU: NFM39Thread: M39Pitch: 4.0Across Flats: 60
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