Socket Countersunk

The Hexagon Socket Countersunk machine screw is a Countersunk screw with an allen key to tighten or loosen. These are available from M3  -M20 in Self Colour , BZP , 304 and 316 stainless steel. Although they don’t look strong these screws are made from a 10.9 grade high tensile ( Excluding Stainless). Socket Countersunk screws are used to bolt together jobs that need to be fastened together without the head protruding the material so the head is flush with the job.

SKU: SKTCSKM03006Thickness: M3Overall Length: 6
SKU: SKTCSKM03008Thickness: M3Overall Length: 8
SKU: SKTCSKM03010Thickness: M3Overall Length: 10
SKU: SKTCSKM03012Thickness: M3Overall Length: 12
SKU: SKTCSKM03016Thickness: M3Overall Length: 16
SKU: SKTCSKM03020Thickness: M3Overall Length: 20
SKU: SKTCSKM03025Thickness: M3Overall Length: 25
SKU: SKTCSKM04006Thickness: M4Overall Length: 6
SKU: SKTCSKM04008Thickness: M4Overall Length: 8
SKU: SKTCSKM04010Thickness: M4Overall Length: 10
SKU: SKTCSKM04012Thickness: M4Overall Length: 12
SKU: SKTCSKM04016Thickness: M4Overall Length: 16
SKU: SKTCSKM04020Thickness: M4Overall Length: 20
SKU: SKTCSKM04025Thickness: M4Overall Length: 25
SKU: SKTCSKM05008Thickness: M5Overall Length: 8
SKU: SKTCSKM05010Thickness: M5Overall Length: 10
SKU: SKTCSKM05012Thickness: M5Overall Length: 12
SKU: SKTCSKM05016Thickness: M5Overall Length: 16
SKU: SKTCSKM05020Thickness: M5Overall Length: 20
SKU: SKTCSKM05025Thickness: M5Overall Length: 25
SKU: SKTCSKM05030Thickness: M5Overall Length: 30
SKU: SKTCSKM05040Thickness: M5Overall Length: 40
SKU: SKTCSKM05050Thickness: M5Overall Length: 50
SKU: SKTCSKM06008Thickness: M6Overall Length: 8
SKU: SKTCSKM06010Thickness: M6Overall Length: 10
SKU: SKTCSKM06012Thickness: M6Overall Length: 12
SKU: SKTCSKM06016Thickness: M6Overall Length: 16
SKU: SKTCSKM06020Thickness: M6Overall Length: 20
SKU: SKTCSKM06025Thickness: M6Overall Length: 25
SKU: SKTCSKM06030Thickness: M6Overall Length: 30
SKU: SKTCSKM06040Thickness: M6Overall Length: 40
SKU: SKTCSKM06050Thickness: M6Overall Length: 50
SKU: SKTCSKM06060Thickness: M6Overall Length: 60
SKU: SKTCSKM06070Thickness: M6Overall Length: 70
SKU: SKTCSKM06080Thickness: M6Overall Length: 80
SKU: SKTCSKM06090Thickness: M6Overall Length: 90
SKU: SKTCSKM06100Thickness: M6Overall Length: 100
SKU: SKTCSKM08010Thickness: M8Overall Length: 10
SKU: SKTCSKM08012Thickness: M8Overall Length: 12
SKU: SKTCSKM08016Thickness: M8Overall Length: 16
SKU: SKTCSKM08020Thickness: M8Overall Length: 20
SKU: SKTCSKM08025Thickness: M8Overall Length: 25
SKU: SKTCSKM08030Thickness: M8Overall Length: 30
SKU: SKTCSKM08040Thickness: M8Overall Length: 40
SKU: SKTCSKM08050Thickness: M8Overall Length: 50
SKU: SKTCSKM08060Thickness: M8Overall Length: 60
SKU: SKTCSKM08070Thickness: M8Overall Length: 70
SKU: SKTCSKM08080Thickness: M8Overall Length: 80
SKU: SKTCSKM08090Thickness: M8Overall Length: 90
SKU: SKTCSKM08100Thickness: M8Overall Length: 100
SKU: SKTCSKM10012Thickness: M10Overall Length: 12
SKU: SKTCSKM10016Thickness: M10Overall Length: 16
SKU: SKTCSKM10020Thickness: M10Overall Length: 20
SKU: SKTCSKM10025Thickness: M10Overall Length: 25
SKU: SKTCSKM10030Thickness: M10Overall Length: 30
SKU: SKTCSKM10040Thickness: M10Overall Length: 40
SKU: SKTCSKM10050Thickness: M10Overall Length: 50
SKU: SKTCSKM10060Thickness: M10Overall Length: 60
SKU: SKTCSKM10070Thickness: M10Overall Length: 70
SKU: SKTCSKM10080Thickness: M10Overall Length: 80
SKU: SKTCSKM10090Thickness: M10Overall Length: 90
SKU: SKTCSKM10100Thickness: M10Overall Length: 100
SKU: SKTCSKM10110Thickness: M10Overall Length: 110
SKU: SKTCSKM10120Thickness: M10Overall Length: 120
SKU: SKTCSKM12020Thickness: M12Overall Length: 20
SKU: SKTCSKM12025Thickness: M12Overall Length: 25
SKU: SKTCSKM12030Thickness: M12Overall Length: 30
SKU: SKTCSKM12040Thickness: M12Overall Length: 40
SKU: SKTCSKM12050Thickness: M12Overall Length: 50
SKU: SKTCSKM12060Thickness: M12Overall Length: 60
SKU: SKTCSKM12070Thickness: M12Overall Length: 70
SKU: SKTCSKM12080Thickness: M12Overall Length: 80
SKU: SKTCSKM12090Thickness: M12Overall Length: 90
SKU: SKTCSKM12100Thickness: M12Overall Length: 100
SKU: SKTCSKM12110Thickness: M12Overall Length: 110
SKU: SKTCSKM12120Thickness: M12Overall Length: 120
SKU: SKTCSKM12130Thickness: M12Overall Length: 130
SKU: SKTCSKM12140Thickness: M12Overall Length: 140
SKU: SKTCSKM16030Thickness: M16Overall Length: 30
SKU: SKTCSKM16035Thickness: M16Overall Length: 35
SKU: SKTCSKM16040Thickness: M16Overall Length: 40
SKU: SKTCSKM16045Thickness: M16Overall Length: 45
SKU: SKTCSKM16050Thickness: M16Overall Length: 50
SKU: SKTCSKM16055Thickness: M16Overall Length: 55
SKU: SKTCSKM16060Thickness: M16Overall Length: 60
SKU: SKTCSKM16070Thickness: M16Overall Length: 70
SKU: SKTCSKM16075Thickness: M16Overall Length: 75
SKU: SKTCSKM16080Thickness: M16Overall Length: 80
SKU: SKTCSKM16110Thickness: M16Overall Length: 110
SKU: SKTCSKM16090Thickness: M16Overall Length: 90
SKU: SKTCSKM16120Thickness: M16Overall Length: 120
SKU: SKTCSKM16100Thickness: M16Overall Length: 100
SKU: SKTCSKM16130Thickness: M16Overall Length: 130
SKU: SKTCSKM16140Thickness: M16Overall Length: 140
SKU: SKTCSKM2040Thickness: M20Overall Length: 40
SKU: SKTCSKM20045Thickness: M20Overall Length: 45
SKU: SKTCSKM20050Thickness: M20Overall Length: 50
SKU: SKTCSKM20055Thickness: M20Overall Length: 55
SKU: SKTCSKM20060Thickness: M20Overall Length: 60
SKU: SKTCSKM20070Thickness: M20Overall Length: 70
SKU: SKTCSKM20075Thickness: M20Overall Length: 75
SKU: SKTCSKM20080Thickness: M20Overall Length: 80
SKU: SKTCSKM20090Thickness: M20Overall Length: 90
SKU: SKTCSKM20100Thickness: M20Overall Length: 100
SKU: SKTCSKM20110Thickness: M20Overall Length: 110
SKU: SKTCSKM20120Thickness: M20Overall Length: 120
SKU: SKTCSKM20130Thickness: M20Overall Length: 130
SKU: SKTCSKM20140Thickness: M20Overall Length: 140
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