Allen Keys

A Hexagon Allen Key is a engineers tool for torqueing or undoing a bolt with a hex drive. These are commonly found in engineering and the automotive sector for the tensile strength.

SKU: AK1.5Size (mm): 1.5
SKU: AK2Size (mm): 2.0
SKU: AK2.5Size (mm): 2.5
SKU: AK3.0Size (mm): 3.0
SKU: AK4.0Size (mm): 4.0
SKU: AK5.0Size (mm): 5.0
SKU: AK6.0Size (mm): 6.0
SKU: AK7.0Size (mm): 7.0
SKU: AK8.0Size (mm): 8.0
SKU: AK9.0Size (mm): 9.0
SKU: AK10.0Size (mm): 10.0
SKU: AK12.0Size (mm): 12.0
SKU: AK14.0Size (mm): 14.0
SKU: AK17.0Size (mm): 17.0
SKU: AK19.0Size (mm): 19.0
SKU: AK22.0Size (mm): 22.0
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