Heavy Duty Anchors

The heavy duty anchor is the heaviest duty of the JCP range. This Anchor bolt is a three part expansion sleeve allowing the expansion in smaller holes and crevises. The JHD has a plastric ring to ensure the correct force is torqued down to the surface of the material. They are particularly good in cracked or solid concrete for structural applications.

Advantages of using Heavy duty Anchor Bolts are ;

  • They have a high performance rating.
  • Have a fast and easy installation.
  • Are Fire resistant.



SKU: JHD0610Hole Size: 10Anchor Length (mm): 75Max Fixture (mm): 10
SKU: JHD0630Hole Size: 10Anchor Length (mm): 95Max Fixture (mm): 30
SKU: JHD0650Hole Size: 10Anchor Length (mm): 115Max Fixture (mm): 50
SKU: JHD0810Hole Size: 12Anchor Length (mm): 87Max Fixture (mm): 10
SKU: JHD0830Hole Size: 12Anchor Length (mm): 107Max Fixture (mm): 30
SKU: JHD0850Hole Size: 12Anchor Length (mm): 127Max Fixture (mm): 50
SKU: JHD1015Hole Size: 15Anchor Length (mm): 108Max Fixture (mm): 15
SKU: JHD1025Hole Size: 15Anchor Length (mm): 118Max Fixture (mm): 25
SKU: JHD1045Hole Size: 15Anchor Length (mm): 138Max Fixture (mm): 45
SKU: JHD1210Hole Size: 18Anchor Length (mm): 117Max Fixture (mm): 10
SKU: JHD1220Hole Size: 18Anchor Length (mm): 127Max Fixture (mm): 20
SKU: JHD1240Hole Size: 18Anchor Length (mm): 147Max Fixture (mm): 40
SKU: JHD1270Hole Size: 18Anchor Length (mm): 177Max Fixture (mm): 70
SKU: JHD1610Hole Size: 24Anchor Length (mm): 132Max Fixture (mm): 10
SKU: JHD1620Hole Size: 24Anchor Length (mm): 152Max Fixture (mm): 20
SKU: JHD1650Hole Size: 24Anchor Length (mm): 182Max Fixture (mm): 50
SKU: JHD2030Hole Size: 28Anchor Length (mm): 192Max Fixture (mm): 30
SKU: JHD2060Hole Size: 28Anchor Length (mm): 222Max Fixture (mm): 60
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